Breaking the traditional recruitment cycle

Do the traditional Peaks and Troughs of Recruitment still exist?

In previous years, many businesses and Recruitment Agencies would dread trying to recruit candidates for a role over the summer months (or any time aligning with school holidays).

Decision makers and Recruiting Managers on holiday at the same time. People needing flexibility to look after children due to lack of childcare. Recruiting Managers unable to dedicate time to interviews due to resource shortages. All of this meant that delays in getting the right person for the job would be inevitable and made it tricky to book a last-minute day off. And time delays lead to a loss of quality candidates.

However, we may finally have something to thank Covid for! With the introduction of hybrid and home working for many businesses, people are finding it much easier to find time to be available for interviews.

Add to this the fact that interviews over Teams/Zoom have become much more commonplace and suddenly we have managers and candidates who are able to utilise the time they are in the office more efficiently.

Taking time off for an interview can actually be just the time required to do the interview itself. So instead of candidates taking a half day or a whole day of annual leave, interviews can easily be done at the top and tail end of the work day or even over lunchtime.

This flexible work approach has also made onboarding new staff much easier too. Inductions and team/department meetings can also all be done remotely via Teams/Zoom. And many companies have made the move to laptops over desktops and introduced secure software to guard themselves against any future business disruption that they faced in March 2020.

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