Employee engagement – check out our top 6 signs of a frustrated employee 

A recent employment survey showed that most employers were confident in retaining their existing staff. Yet the same survey to employees stated they would be looking to change jobs within the next 12 months. What this highlights, is a lack of insight into employee engagement. With job vacancies now outnumbering candidates, and social media making it increasingly easier for potential employers to access candidates, now is a good time to consider how to ensure you retain your talented employees.  

If you value your staff and don’t want to lose them, taking the time to ensure that your staff are engaged and committed to your brand rather than assuming everything is fine could save you time and money and avoid having to recruit and train new employees. 

If you aren’t sure which camp your employees fall into, here are our top 6 indicators that your team are not engaged and may well be looking elsewhere to fulfil their career ambitions… 

  1. Excusing themselves from company events/socialising 
  2. Increased sickness/absence from work 
  3. Procrastination/lack of attention at work 
  4. Wanting to work from home frequently (without valid reasons) 
  5. Constantly checking mobile phones/social media  
  6. Getting frustrated with work easily

If any of your valued employees are showing signs of frustration, then it’s time to refocus your employee engagement strategy. If you can resolve the issue, you can keep hold of your dream team. Clearly defined career progression plans, help with juggling workloads, clarity on how to approach tasks and salary reviews can all make a huge difference in keeping employees engaged and happy in the workplace. 

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