Is Hybrid working here to stay?

Hybrid working or Office-based full time – which works best? One of the biggest shifts we have seen in recruitment over the last two years has been the move to hybrid working. Due to forced homeworking through COVID-19 restrictions, many businesses had to quickly adapt and set up processes to enable efficient home working for staff. For many businesses this meant heavy investment. Laptops instead of desktops, mobile phones, and software to ensure data protection is maintained.

But where businesses have spent money, they saved on the costs of running an office. No computers, printers and lights running 12+ hours a day. No constant kettles boiled or air conditioning running. With all this investment and money saved you would expect companies to be committed to hybrid working.

But will Hybrid working really be here to stay?  Whilst most businesses are offering hybrid working as now, we are slowly seeing a creep back towards full-time office-based roles. Certainly, when we were out and about in London last week the businesses and office spaces seemed as bustling as ever.

So, which will provide the best outcome for your business? There will always be some roles that need to be office based. For most employees and company’s flexibility has worked in their favour. Flexible working can often mean you get more from your employees. Some people still prefer to be office based as they need the structure of 9-5 and a commute.

True flexible working is to offer both hybrid and full-time office-based options to employees. In doing so you are allowing them to choose a work environment that will help you (and the employee) achieve the best possible productivity for your business. 

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