Keeping the stress out of the Staff Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party is often something employees look forward to. But if you’re an employer it can often be quite stressful to plan.

If you have been lucky enough to embrace flexible or hybrid working within your business, you may find yourself in the position of having multiple home workers that are spread across the UK.

Although this could create a logistical problem in terms of your Christmas party options, travel time and cost, what it can offer is the chance to reinforce your company ethos and brand. As well as helping to create rapport between home and office workers that could pay dividends for your business longer term, it’s also a chance to reward your workers for their hard work and boost morale.

Here are our top tips to get Employers through the Christmas Party season:

  1. If you are considering a weekday party, then you should clarify what is unacceptable in terms of lateness or absenteeism post-party before the event. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom – you could allow staff to come in an hour late. If you need staff in on time you could consider providing a breakfast the next day. This way you’ll hopefully avoid any potential HR issues before they arise.
  2. Be considerate of your staff… Offering free beer/wine only works if everyone drinks alcohol. Ensure you have soft drinks for those abstaining from booze or consider a drinks token instead. The same applies with food – ensure that there are appropriate selections available for Vegetarians/Vegans/allergies & intolerances.
  3. Whether you are hosting a Christmas party during the day or the evening, be sure to consider the needs of staff when selecting locations. Are there safe public transport options home if people are drinking?
  4. You’re still at work. You want everyone to enjoy themselves but be respectful of other staff and the venue – you may want to remind everyone that HR rules still apply to avoid some uncomfortable discussions the next day.

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