Recruitment in the current climate

We are currently in one of those unusual periods in recruitment where there are a multitude of jobs available, and a real shortage of candidates who are looking or on the market.   This has a real effect on a company’s ability to attract the right people and secure them into the position available and process change may be needed to ensure success. Within the current market, the abundance of jobs and talent shortage is creating a situation where the candidates hold a lot of power. They can now be pickier than ever before with who they choose as their employer. They are also more likely to receive a counteroffer from their existing employer, and salary, benefits, and hybrid working/working from home have become real pain points during offer negotiations.

Here is our advice on how to avoid the current pitfalls of the recruitment market:

1. Flexibility is key – does this position need to be full-time office based or could it be hybrid? Could you be flexible with the salary/job requirements to secure the right talent and invest long term to help elevate your business?

2. Speed is everything. When you are setting the job requirement and taking the plunge to recruit, allow pre-set times for meetings so that you are able to move quickly to secure interviews with candidates. Also consider holding first stage interviews over Teams/Zoom to speed up the process and be prepared to hold second stage interviews/make decisions within 24-48 hours of meeting with a candidate to avoid them being swept off the market by one of your competitors.

3. And finally, if you can wait 3-6 months before taking the plunge to hire, then it could be worthwhile waiting it out to see if the market settles. Sometimes these market fluctuations are short-lived, and rather than employing your best option on the market right now who may not be the best option for your business, by waiting it out you could secure yourself someone who truly wants to be part of your business and help it to grow.