Recruitment Planning for 2022

This last year has seen the market recovering and getting ‘back to normal’ after what has been a difficult adjustment period for businesses. With the vast majority of employees still working from home until mid-July and many more on furlough as recently as September 2021 when the scheme officially came to an end, the transition back to office life has been a welcome return for many industries.

Several businesses put the brakes on recruitment during 2020 and 2021, and are now looking to 2022 to bolster their teams and focus on growing their business and revenue streams again. With that in mind here are a few tips from Henley Executive on how to stay ahead of the market and ensure you are securing the very best talent for your business moving forward.

  1. Be prepared to pay above the market rate to secure that star player. We are not saying this will always be the case, but with counter offers on the rise as companies fight to keep valuable team members, you may find yourself having to pay a little more than previous years to secure the very best talent on or in the market.
  2. Move Quickly! If you know you are ready to recruit it is worthwhile setting time aside in your diary to review CVs and interview candidates as soon as you brief your recruitment partner, because the market is moving faster than ever before.
  3. Be open with your recruitment partner – if you know there is a tricky client that the employee will be looking after, or it is essential that they are office based Monday to Friday – it is vital to outline this from the get go so that we can ensure candidates are thoroughly vetted and genuinely the best possible fit for your organisation.
  4. The same goes with flexibility – if you have the luxury of a flexible requirement then make sure you outline this at the beginning. This way you won’t waste time and energy on the recruitment process, and will ensure that you aren’t missing out on any potential candidates who may narrowly miss out on a rigid brief.

If you are beginning your recruitment planning for 2022, get in touch with Henley Executive here. Whether you need a traditional recruitment approach or have a position that requires a more targeted Search and Selection approach with candidates who are not yet on the market, we can help find the best people in and on the market.