What are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

With salaries increasing and the general cost of running a business going up, you may be tempted to save some money and forgo using a recruitment agency to help you with your next hire.

But what can a recruiter offer you that makes the business cost worthwhile?

1. Faster Hiring – Whilst recruiting a new team member is in addition to your normal job requirements, it is the core part of a recruiters’ job. They have the time to dedicate to finding you a selection of suitable candidates, and firefighting the unsuitable applications on your behalf. This will also allow you to just set time aside for the interview and selection process meaning you can move swiftly through the recruitment process – something that is essential in the current market to secure the candidate you want.

2. Candidate feedback/control – Recruiters can have an open and honest conversation with the candidates about how they feel about the role and your company, ensuring you truly only take on candidates who want to be part of your business and can take on the task at hand.

3. Market feedback – Is the salary you want to pay aligned with the experience you expect from candidates? And do these candidates exist within the current marketplace? Use your Recruitment Partner to ensure you are not looking for a Unicorn that simply doesn’t exist.

4. Wider access to candidates/audience – as well as advertising across multiple job boards, they will also have access to online CV databases, enhanced Linkedin Recruiter packages as well as a database full of candidates who have not listed their details in the public domain or may not be actively looking at the exact moment you are ready to recruit.

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