Talent Attraction in the age of unlimited opportunities

Recruiting staff can often be one of the biggest challenges companies face. We’ve seen a big shift in recruitment recently, and one of the common themes is the demand for a better work-life balance. Employees are also taking into consideration the wider benefits package and work environment of a prospective employer to assess whether it will be a good fit overall, rather than simply looking at whether the salary increase is enough.

Package Appeal and Talent Attraction

Have you considered how appealing the package you offer is to candidates? More and more we are having conversations around working hours and holiday entitlement. As such, matching the statutory holiday entitlement with the additional bank holidays does not seem to be enough of a pull for candidates to leave their existing employer, where they may have built up additional days on top of an already improved package. An extra 2, 3 or 5 days can go a long way to improving the value of your benefits package to employees.  20 Days is the legal minimum, not a perk!

Working 9 to 5!

Working hours have also come up recently – with 40-hour work weeks less attractive than the 37.5-hours most companies favour. People also are questioning whether there is flexibility within the normal ‘9 to 5’. That’s not to say people aren’t working as hard. It’s more a flexible approach to work hours could be more beneficial in terms of productivity of your staff.

Early does it

We have found candidates who are early birds requesting 7am/8am starts to help them fit around childcare and other commitments. However, some people just function better with earlier starts.  Is this something that could suit your business? Small changes such as this can make all the difference to employee well-being and help you secure staff that are invested in your business too.

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