Warning signs it may be time to explore a new career path

We’ve all been there. Sat at work daydreaming of a better job, better pay, better boss. It’s the age-old problem. Will the grass really be greener on the other side? Do I stay in my current job because I have job security? Do I risk a move for the chance of something better?

Here are our top 10 warning signs that it may be time for you to take the plunge and explore your options elsewhere:

  1. Sunday night dread – that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever you think of work
  2. Avoiding team building/socialising with colleagues
  3. Lack of progression opportunities
  4. Daydreaming/Procrastinating frequently at work
  5. Getting frustrated with poor Management
  6. No recognition for a job well done
  7. Toxic work culture
  8. Having insufficient tools for the job at hand
  9. Lack of learning or training opportunities
  10. Lack of salary reviews/poor benefits

If you don’t feel that the issues you’re experiencing can be resolved within your current role then it may well be time to explore new opportunities and reinvigorate a passion for your career. Having a shared vision or goal with your manager or the company you work for, or even just being rewarded for a job well done can make a huge impact on job satisfaction.

Being disengaged at work can have a serious impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Ensuring you have a healthy work-life balance and positive mental attitude towards work will only happen if it aligns with your career goals and lifestyle demands.

If you need some career advice or are ready to dip your toe into the market, speak to Max Levenger or Lynsey Arnold at Henley Executive on 0333 567 4888 to see what your future career could look like.