Why having an Employee Branding Strategy is your secret weapon

Did you realise that your brand goes far beyond your logo and website?

For those unaware Employee branding is how your Company’s vision and reputation is perceived in the wider marketplace. Positive Employee branding can be a powerful recruitment and marketing tool. When Candidates are looking to join your business what do they see?

Do you offer an attractive proposition for an outsider? Do you share what you do well as a business? Do you invest in your employees? Or provide ongoing training and development to help your employees deliver the best for your business?

Whether you are a team of 5 people or a 2000 people organisation, getting your staff singing from the same hymn sheet can be tough. But helping them understand the vision of the business and what you are working towards can be invigorating.

By communicating your values to your staff and prospective employees you help them to feel invested in what you are trying to achieve.

As well as making yourself an attractive proposition for potential new recruits, well thought out employee branding helps to raise the reputation of your company. If done well, your employees will become your new brand ambassadors.

Here are a few ways an Employee Branding Strategy can add value to your business:

  • Helping existing employees understand the business.
  • Sharing and giving clarity to policies and procedures.
  • Encouraging Employee wellbeing.
  • Creating team building and training opportunities.
  • Creating consistent brand messaging internally and externally.

All of these can help form prime opportunities to reinforce your employer brand and help your staff understand your brand message through clever internal communications.

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